About AutoTeam Australia
In 2007, AutoTeam Australia was established by a group of professional Accountants, located across Australia, with extensive Automotive Industry experience. The group shares a passsion to provide an association with a point-of-difference for the Australian Automotive Industry, providing a complete automotive specific service range in Accounting, Consulting and Training.
AutoTeam Australia's point-of-difference is that with low overhead costs and members having extensive working experience within the Automotive Industry (some up to 40 years), we can provide personalised service to single site operators, alongside major, national, multiple-site dealerships.
Shared experiences at regular AutoTeam Australia Member Meetings provides regular updates, ensuring the highest quality service delivery, personalised local service and the most up-to-date advice for your car dealership. 
And with around 150 dealer clients within the association, AutoTeam Australia provides a broader base for benchmarking and industry standards for car dealers.
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 <?php echo $client ?> professional accountants with extensive motor industry experience.

Quality service delivery, personalised local service and the most up-to-date advice.